Santa is dead
What would happen is Santa and his reindeers got shot by a missile? The answer is in this cheerful and positive video. You probably understood by now that it's not a positive video at all. It was submitted for on the theme "A christmas miracle" and was really appreciated for its dark humor.  

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Author: Olivier Bonenfant



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Santa is dead

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Com.13: What can I say, I loved it. The kid playing Bob was really good and the effects, both computer generated and the blood splatter, were very good too. Short and to the point. Maybe a few points where they paused for too long, but other than that, no complaints. (Comment from the forums)
By : Russell
Date: 2004-05-08 15:18:50
Score given: 9

Com.12: This was stone-cold awesome. The accented santa voice was the best thing ever, and amon tobin is the best christmas artist since kenny g. This is one of the few badness-free films and that means it's an underwater birthdaycake. (Comment from the forums)
By : Heavy Boxes
Date: 2004-05-08 15:18:11
Score given: NA

Com.11: The special effects were really the main focus in this video. And they were great. A story really didn't develop though. (Comment from the forums)
By : Dork457
Date: 2004-05-08 15:17:41
Score given: NA

Com.10: Those bastard Chinese!!!! I liked this one alot. Short, sweet, and funny. Thats probably how I well I would take being told I was the next Santa Clause. (Comment from the forums)
By : MBarry829
Date: 2004-05-08 15:16:26
Score given: 6

Com.9: Unreal. The ending was amazing - the blood was wicked. I have not a bad thing to say about this movie. (Comment from the forums)
By : njfilmcore
Date: 2004-05-08 15:14:45
Score given: 9

Com.8: this was pretty cool, good voice overs and nice blood effect, it looked like the santa head was made of frosting or something. (Comment from the forums)
By : Manwiththeponcho
Date: 2004-05-08 15:13:42
Score given: 7

Com.7: I liked this one quite a bit. I could see this one winning. It was short and sweet. The graphics were very impressive. However what impressed me more was the acting of the main guy. He has a lot of physical acting to do, and he did a fantastic job. The magic chair was hilarious! All around great! (Comment from the forums)
By : Prezhoover
Date: 2004-05-08 15:12:55
Score given: 7

Com.6: This one was also well done and the begining made me chuckle quite a bit but it got way too morbid at the end. Not the kind of feeling most would probably want on a holiday such as this. Now, I realize Subatomic's was also morbid, but it was in a COMPLETELY different way. I know you guys would probably understand what Im talking about. I DO have to give you props on the special effects though. I was definantly impressed. (Comment from the forums)
By : BeefDiaper
Date: 2004-05-08 15:12:19
Score given: 7

Com.5: the beginning was slow, but was very original. the shotgun was great and very realistic. dramatic ending, liked it alot. (Comment from the forums)
By : thegaumont
Date: 2004-05-08 15:11:29
Score given: 7

Com.4: Great opening with the radar and the missiles. I was thinking about an idea like this the other day. Similar to last year’s episode of South Park where santa gets shot down by Iraqis. As soon as it turned into live action, though, the movie took a downward swing. I guess the floating Santa was supposed to look crappy, but it annoyed me. Nice blood effects, though. 6.5/10 (Comment from the forums)
By : millertime83
Date: 2004-05-08 15:07:08
Score given: 6

Com.3: Cool beans guys. You got some nice special effects. Very cool. Short and to the point. My rating 94/100 (Comment from the forums)
By : Marko17
Date: 2004-05-08 15:06:18
Score given: 9

Com.2: Heres a classic case of STYLE over substance. The movie itself was kinda lame but god damn it looks so DAMN COOL! I still like watching it even though its rather slow and pointless and as soon as you can tell a truly cool and interesting story, with your style youre sure to win. Reminds me of griffins work. 89/ 100 (Comment from the forums)
By : Outsdbrilliant
Date: 2004-05-08 15:05:34
Score given: 9

Com.1: Originality: Santa killed by the Japanese - his replacement kills himself -- Its safe to say I have never heard of something like this before. A+ for originality Execution: Those of us familiar with Olivers work recognize the missile scene from some of his previous work. Knowing that the special effect was scavanged from another film did detract from my overall reaction to this film. That being said, my overall reaction was OH THATS FUCKING SWEET. Oliver brings a darkness to his films that there just isnt enough of. The scene with the glowing tinsel chair was the perfect length and had just the right amount of glow. I really didnt expect the brain splattering effect, so I was shocked. Shocked = impact and impact = success. A good film that left me with a strange feeling. This film evokes feeling and that is GOOD! - Also, I think Oliver does EVERYTHING on his films (even filming) if that is the case.. MAD PROPS for motivating yourself like that. Too sweet. (Comment from the forums)
By : turkeyjerk
Date: 2004-05-08 15:04:39
Score given: 7

Com.0: Got a kick out of this one. Your accent does indeed add extra funnyness to the video. The blood splatter on the wall is AWESOME and the opening sequence with the radar impressed me quite a bit, even if it was reused footage. (Comment from the forums)
By : Justin
Date: 2004-05-08 14:54:44
Score given: NA

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Additional information

Length: 00:02:53
Rating: 16+
Date published: 2003-03-24 14:18:16
General quality: 6
People's score: 8

Tags: comedy horror short santa claus christmas china mission chair magic snow cookies snowfall milk chimney appear missile accident crash


Director/Special effects - Olivier Bonenfant

Suicidal guy - Olivier Bonenfant
Chinese general - Gabriel Cantin
Chinese soldier - Olivier Bonenfant

Music by Josef Edwards

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See detailsScore: 6

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