Strange delivery
An absurd and extremely explosive production. Uncover the mystery behind this guy calling for a pizza that never comes. Massive destruction and cheap apocalyptic explosions included. It's an old film that didn't age well. Still, explosions enthousiasts are welcomed. Original french language with english subtitles.

PS. The answer of the mystery is in the credits section just to your bottom right. Since it's nearly impossible to figure out I suggest you take a look at it after the film.

High resolution: 54.7 megs

Low resolution: 25.6 megs

Author: Olivier Bonenfant


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Strange delivery

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Com.0: very funny
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Date: 2004-04-29 22:25:37
Score given: 10

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Additional information

Length: 00:07:38
Rating: G
Date published: 2003-03-24 14:14:55
General quality: 4
People's score: 10

Tags: absurd comedy long


Director/Editor/Special effects - Olivier Bonenfant

Character - Olivier Bonenfant Made in 2003 for school

What's up with this film? (spoilers)
Basically the poor guy is tracked by aliens that just wanna kill him. They won't have to get down to earth because they'll just track him from above and send him meteorites. When he orders pizza he's actually talking to aliens so when he proceeds to give his address he's giving his position to aliens. Unfortunately, they are clumsy and are barely able to get the address right so they have to wait for him calling again and then sending another meteorite.

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Strange delivery
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See detailsScore: 4

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