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Open houses
The same documentary team behind Holy Valley (vimeo.com/159940128) are now following a Melbourne vampire during Open House Melbourne. He really loves the fact that he's invited in every house on this specific day. We shot this just for fun on Melbourne Open House while visiting the various venues. It's a non-commercial piece and not associated with the overall event, only a good reason to get the camera out and make a few vampire jokes.  

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Author: Olivier Bonenfant



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Open houses

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Additional information

Running time: 00:05:18
Rating: 13+
Date published: 2017-06-10
General quality: 5
People's score: No scores to count

Tags: short mock mockumentary doculiar comedy vampire blood enter house open garlic silver wooden stake cliches documentary documenteur


Anton Kargapolov
Iphigénie Frey
Olivier Bonenfant
Glyn Francis

Directed by Olivier Bonenfant.

Music by Jay Man.

Made for Filmonik Melbourne.

This non commercial short film was shot at multiple venues during Open House Melbourne. This film is not endorsed or associated with Open House Melbourne or any of the venues.

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