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A fire-dancer and/or in the urban jungle of Sydney time doesn't exist and dimensions are collapsing. A little visual trip with a cool artist and fire. FIRE! Made for the Kino Sydney Kabaret 2015. Sarah had a dance in mind and I shot the video for her and she edited this version for the Kabaret screening: youtube.com/watch?v=OopnWQzmo04. With her approval I've made this weirder timeshifting version.  

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Author: Olivier Bonenfant



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Additional information

Running time: 00:02:35
Rating: G
Date published: 2015-06-09
General quality: 6
People's score: No scores to count

Tags: short fire sydney documentary videoclip juggle circus dance slow pit sexy umbrella


Sarah Louis-Jean

Olivier Bonenfant

Help by Iphigenie Frey and Valentin Mayer-Eichberger.

Shot during Kino Kabaret Sydney 2015.

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Air rage
A pilot has to deal with an unresponsive plane but in that flight path the plane difficulties may not be the worst thing about the situation.
2019   |   Running time: 00:06:37   |   Score: 8
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When it's time to audition for a role you need to fully immerse yourself in the world you are stepping into. For this group it's all about being sick.
2018   |   Running time: 00:03:41   |   Score: 5
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Missed Flight
A girl is going to the festival Dark Mofo in Hobart, Tasmania, but the main difficulty is keeping the memories.
2017   |   Running time: 00:05:21   |   Score: 6
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Open houses
The same documentary team behind Holy Valley are now following a Melbourne vampire during Open House Melbourne. He really loves the fact that he's invited in every house on this specific day.
2017   |   Running time: 00:05:18   |   Score: 5
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Naataplawuqatsi; Life as Play
Naataplawuqatsi is about life and civilization. It could be about our lives or it could be about the ones in a game.
2016   |   Running time: 00:07:00   |   Score: 6
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Weather Forecast
Something is wrong about this weather forecast. Maybe it's the temperature. Maybe it's the weatherman. Maybe it's the green screen.
2016   |   Running time: 00:05:16   |   Score: 5
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A collection of architectural beauties, modified, deformed and accompanied by sounds from everyday life in the transports of Melbourne.
2015   |   Running time: 00:02:42   |   Score: 6
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Certified Organic
In the redlight district of Brussels, a man is looking for a specific type of prostitute. It quickly becomes an obsession.
2014   |   Running time: 00:04:32   |   Score: 8
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After missing his bus Jerome chooses to walk to work, taking stimulants to get there. It will be intense.
2014   |   Running time: 00:07:15   |   Score: 9
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Two malagasy are in a bar spending too much on beer to meet good looking girls who are preferring vazaha men.
2014   |   Running time: 00:05:00   |   Score: 8
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In Malartic, the relocation of families for an open sky mine doesn't always go according to plan, especially for this guy.
2013   |   Running time: 00:05:18   |   Score: 7
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A mother tells her children to bring back oil. It's instant competition for the two who will race in the city.
2012   |   Running time: 00:03:55   |   Score: 7
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An accomplished hunter is training his friend to make him a competent hunting partner. Their patience is rewarded.
2011   |   Running time: 00:05:28   |   Score: 9
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Outer Space
Music video for Those Damn Kookies single "Outer Space" from their new album "Traffic Noise". The 50s are back!
2010   |   Running time: 00:02:26   |   Score: 8
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At dinner time, two girls are chatting loudly about personal stuff in front of a dude. Too much information! Then it gets weirder. NSFW.
2010   |   Running time: 00:01:30   |   Score: 6
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Cutting edge
A producer brings a hard drive to an artist who needs to create the visual effects on a teaser of a trailer for a big film. The problem is that guy doesn't seem to have a computer at all.
-0001   |   Running time: 00:04:20   |   Score: 5
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6 groups of people in 6 different locations will each experience something strange and potentially distressing with their clothes.
2019   |   Running time: 00:11:41   |   Score: 9
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Bulb Hunter
Catherine is looking for adventure. At the hairdresser she gets pulled towards a lightbulb that stays lit even without power. What is it?
2017   |   Running time: 00:06:50   |   Score: 5
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The last million dollar house in Australia
We're going on the road in North East Victoria to try and find the last million dollar house in Australia.
2017   |   Running time: 00:03:19   |   Score: 5
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A red-light camera is catching all infractions from a busy intersection but gets bored after a while and tries to go beyond its assigned intersection and tasks to find more infractions.
2016   |   Running time: 00:06:01   |   Score: 6
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Holy valley
A short subject documentary about Judas, someone who has a somewhat religious name and somewhat religious abilities who may need a boost from a calm place.
2016   |   Running time: 00:06:10   |   Score: 5
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A day in Melbourne is made more interesting by the playfulness of a lonely girl and her imitations of the city's murals. It gets weird.
2015   |   Running time: 00:04:00   |   Score: 6
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Bad Neighborhood
Two guys are lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood until they try to climb a wall to get to a vantage point and see their surroundings.
2015   |   Running time: 00:04:20   |   Score: 6
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Economic Context
A young and extremely famous banker is asked by his investors to give the first example in reducing expenses in this supposedly bad economic context.
2015   |   Running time: 00:04:52   |   Score: 6
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Quad diamond
Somewhere there's a quadruple diamond ski trail. This really must be for experts, unless it's something truly different.
2014   |   Running time: 00:02:57   |   Score: 9
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Water disaster
In the near future, the battle for water is ending in Shawinigan. Watch the trailer for this classic VHS action movie from the 90's.
2014   |   Running time: 00:03:16   |   Score: 7
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A perpetual drowning at the office and a promotion could change the life of this Belgian man on the verge of breakdown.
2014   |   Running time: 00:06:32   |   Score: 7
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Your dog is dead
A desperate man is perched on the roof of Trouville's casino in France. Thierry the negociator, and his huge ego, is on the spot.
2013   |   Running time: 00:06:41   |   Score: 8
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The attraction of the masses
A man and a woman talk about love and death in front of the magnificent view they have. Is there attraction between them?
2011   |   Running time: 00:04:08   |   Score: 9
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Domicile invasion
An improvised home invasion gets complicated when the two criminals meet with the weird owner of the place.
2010   |   Running time: 00:05:52   |   Score: 8
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An evening finishes by a breakup for a young couple. Evelyn tries to relieve the pain by writing a list of reproaches against her ex.
2010   |   Running time: 00:06:13   |   Score: 9
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Shadowrun: Crossing Shadows
A 32 minutes sci-fi comedy movie based on Shadowrun the RPG. Action, gore, geek jokes, special FX and 20 friends.
2008   |   Running time: 00:32:12   |   Score: 8
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